• 隧道爐


Single-layer& double-layer tunnel furnace
Baking scope: Moon cake, Bread, Cake, Chinese pastry
Model:  Single-layer,  Double-layer.
適合大型烘焙自動化流水線連續生產Suitable for continuous production of large-scale baking automatic assembly line 
Double-layer tunnel furnace, separate using each layer, greatly reduce floor space with two times capacity of single-layer machine, which is more suitable for coproduction of various kinds of foods with less investment.

Custom-made by tray model

橫放二盤Horizontal position 2 trays
橫放三盤Horizontal position 3 trays
橫放四盤Horizontal position 4 trays

Oven length 10-30m
Oven capacity 50-150 trays
Double-layer 100-300 trays
The oven possesses stainless steel shell, bundle plate conveyor, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, big roller carbon chain transmission; period heating section, , up-down burning, separate temperature control with range of 0-300 degrees. Far infrared quartz heating tube with penetration function could make internal heating at the same time to shorten the time needed for baking, thereby reduce the internal moisture to evaporate, and make the bread of big volume and heavy weight, which could make the cake softer. Smart Settings sectional warming made to compensate the influence from startup to power grid of plant. The oven equipped with power outage fast rocker. The oven possesses chain lubrication system, imported intelligent computer touch screen control, to be operated simply with powerful function, could store a variety of product formula. The oven adopts big capacity environmental protection rock wool board insulation meets standard of Europe and the United States, imported frequency conversion governor drive, baking time 8-50 minutes adjusted, operated by PLC computer programmable logic controller.

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